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Paddle Board vs eSUP

Imagine a watersport that blends the best qualities of surfing and kayaking into a great source of fun and full body exercise. Welcome to Stand Up Paddleboarding - or SUP for short.

The history of modern paddle boarding emerged in the mid-20th century with the rapid growth of the surf culture along the Pacific Islands, such as Hawaii. Surfers would stand up on their boards to get a better perspective of the surfers in the water and the approaching swells, while also enjoying the surf on their paddle boards. What started as a slight variation of surfing has now grown into a major outdoor activity. In 2014 alone over 21.7 million Americans enjoyed SUP. In the 1950’s most paddle boards were heavy and clunky, typically made from shaped wood. The technology has come a long way since then, currently there are epoxy resin hardboards with foam cores, inflatable SUP, and now the eSUP.

You might be asking what is an eSUP? Think ebike, the “e” stands for electric and there is a motorized fin that provides propulsion to the paddle board. Why is this such a big deal? Well, motorizing the SUP makes a large difference in the versatility of the equipment, and makes it’s a ton of fun to cruise around on! One of the challenges known in paddleboarding is that a breeze can pick up when you’re out on the water and make it difficult to paddle back against it. With an eSUP, this is less of a problem because you have the power to go smoothly against the wind. This makes an eSUP considerably safer than a paddleboard without a motor. In addition, you still get a great low-impact full body workout by using an eSUP by paddling as you please. Cruising at a speed of around 5mph you get to see a lot more out on the water making your adventure well worth the time! The eSUP is ideal for all skill levels including beginners.

Our eSUP is a larger board, almost 12 feet in length, which gives us greater stability on the water. All these factors make it easier for people to get into paddle boarding and have an enjoyable experience on the water. Go faster, go further, explore more, is our philosophy.

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