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5 Reasons Why We Use Motorized Hybrid Kayak on Our Tours

1. They’re just plain FUN! - Yes, we have a blast using these motorized hybrid kayaks, zipping around with ease. Our goal is that you should spend less time worrying about paddling, especially against the wind, and more time focusing on taking in the beauty of Shell Key Nature Preserve.

2. Most Relaxing Experience – The motor provides us with propulsion while we sit in comfortable frame chairs and take in the views. We cruise through mangrove tunnels and explore secluded beaches and sandbars away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

3. All Skill Levels Can Enjoy – Our electric powered Hybrid Kayaks are stable and easy to control making them ideal for beginners or people of all experience levels. Want to try standing up, no worries! Use them as a kayak or a paddle board.

4. We Go At a Quicker Pace than a Standard Kayak – which means we get to see more of nature, including dolphin, manatee, shorebirds, fish, and various aquatic species native to Shell Key Nature Preserve. We also have more time to stop and explore the pristine beaches and mangrove tunnels.

5. Return Back Energized and Refreshed – Paddling a kayak against the wind can be quite a challenge, but not with our Hybrid Motorized Kayaks! You still get in a nice outdoor exercise without the fatigue or burnout leaving you with plenty of energy to explore other local attractions!

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